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Apr 25, 2009 – Saturday: Quick run and a scull outing

I had a huge arguement when I got up, but the good guy won and landed up at AU at exactly 6:30. In fact, Prabhakar and I drove in at the same time.

Thankfully, we took it nice and easy towards the beginning and it was going reasonably good in the middle of the 1st lap when the guest house syndrome struck Prabhakar. This was not the 1st time – I have noticed it a fair number of times that when we cross the guest house and go through that tiny gate into that short patch around the circular roadway, he lifts his tempo, increases his stride and I find myself lagging behind immediately.

This time, I asked him about it and he explained that once he has decided that it was going to be just 1 round (thank God for small mercies), he splits the 2nd half of the lap into segments – 1 – from the guesthouse to the main gate, 2 – Main gate to the Univ building, 3 – Univ Building the right turn of the final stretch and 4 – The final 200 mt stretch. His intention is to do thee segments into a quick-slow-quick alternate patches.

Hmm – This is news. As far as I knew, he combines all these into 1 long stretch and just keeps up’ing the velocity right through, which was very similar to what he did even today, except for Segment 2 which, having committed his idea to me, was taken a trifle slower than segment 1.

But he set the asphalt on fire through the last 400 mts or so. He was stunning today – he just bolted off. To my pleasent surprise, I didn’t lag off, I also kept increasing my pace right through the last 300 odd mts and finished about 40 secs behind him (Phew – check how much he gained over me in just 400 mts!). While I was huffing and puffing away, I saw Vinothkumar TR (ex-Trimentus) and so after the run, I walked back to say hello to him.

We went to the club, had tea and I took the sunny scull out. I initially found it tough since I thought that the footstep was too close and needed to be adjusted a few notches behind. But, I felt good later and did 2 courses on it.

All in all – nice morning.

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