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Apr 23, 2009 – Thursday: 12.5 kms – My 1st run with the Chennai Runners

I was actually excited when I woke up at 4:15 and got to Dimensions gym by 5:00. I had woken up Prabhakar who joined in just after 5. In the next few minutes, the Chennai Runners started coming in. I think they were about 8 of them apart from us (Prabs and me).

There were 2 oldies, one oldie (I think Ram) was wearing the fluid belt and a Nike dry fit tee. Hmmm, accomplished runners apparently.
5:16 – we started and before we know it, the 2 oldies shot off!

My God. I couldn’t believe it. They set a hectic pace and shot off like some stray dog was after them. Obviously, Prabhakar could not see that happening and started chasing them. All this was not working well for me. It was just 100-200 mts since started. We had gone down CP Ramaswamy road and turned left at St Mary’s road and yet again another left into Chamiers road – leading down to Sundaram and I was getting a little breathless. Not good, not good.

I immediately turned down and told Prabhakar that I seriously intended to finish this one and so asked him to put his burner on sim. Thankfully, he did too, and even better – the oldies actually never got out of sight. They were always there or thereabouts – I suppose the kitchen was getting a little hot for them too.

It was a similar case for another 2 of the CRs running behind us: They were about 200 mts or so behind us. It was that way when we ducked into the Judge’s colony. I love this place. It is so quiet, serene and peaceful. It is like an oasis in the middle of the noisy, traffic prone and dusty Adayar. This was the 3rd time I was running through this colony and for the 3rd time, it gave me a second wind and helped me recover a bit from the early blitz and get into something like a rhythm.

We exited in front of the Adayar Bridge and struggled through the bridge and into Annie Besent road. I didn’t like that stretch and was feeling a little tired already, when the 2nd recovery road came: This one was the beautiful stretch through Krishnaswamy’s The School and the SPCA, all the way till we hit the main road again. I love these timely stretches when we can actually hear the birds rather than the jarring horns.

This is a very strange thing with me and I have mentioned this to Prabhakar many times now: Noise tires me out. Mainly traffic noise – is a huge kill-joy. The other way around also works: The less noise there is, the better I seem to run. I will write more on this in detail later.

As soon as we reached the main road, we skipped across and took the stretch that led to Cozee. Prabhakar was determined that we look for the oldies and more importantly, they HAD to see us. They had to know that we were doing the full stretch. 🙂

But, we couldn’t see them and I had this sneaking feeling that they were so fast that they had finished and long gone.

We took a slightly different route getting back to the SPCA stretch. Again, already for the 3rd time in this run, I was recovering thanks to a beautiful road. The lovely part was the rhythm which I was into and kept at it – refusing to comply with Prabhakar’s possible tugging at the reins which I was deliberately oblivious to – though to be fair, he allowed me the free run to set my comfortable pace.

And so we continued and at almost 1 hours time (6:16) we were by Malar Hospital and according to our calculations, it was 10 kms done. With just 2.5 kms to go, I started my mental countdown.

We crossed the Malar bridge and was about to turn into my favorite road when Prabhakar had a nerve pull/ attack. We stopped and I did a quick massage on his feet to set his nerves. He explained that this has been happening since one of his UK treks – when at the end of an hour, he gets these pain points. But, within a couple of minutes, we were on our way again.

Unbelievably, I could summon some reserve energy to up my pace a little towards the last couple of kms. Finally, we finished at our start point at 6:36 – a nice round 1 hr, 20 mins for a 12.5 kms run. I loved it.

Not so surprisingly, we found some people already stretching out there, but very surprisingly, we did not find the oldies. The 1st thought that crossed my mind was that they had extended their run and I could not bear to digest that. I started stretching out and in about 10-15 minutes later the oldies arrived and they looked in much better shape that I was.

More dismayed than I, was Prabhakar. I suspect that the same thought might have crept into his head (though later he clarified that he actually thought the opposite: they must have cut down on their run and that we must have overtaken them during our SPCA diversion). His dismay led to clarification and when we discovered that the oldies had started walking some time during their run, the look of triumph, followed by an ‘i-thought-so’ expression that flitted across Prabhakar’s face was one worth paying for.

They (Ram and Prabhakar) engaged each other in a little bit of genial one-upmanship which revealed more about Prabhakar’s competitive streak more than anything else.

We dispersed after that and that is it. One of my longest runs ever and I loved it.

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