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April 20, 2009 – Monday: Good run and a good start to the week

Am shifting to the new office today and so I packed up (clothes, soap, towel) and left at 6:10 and reached AU by 6:25 or so. It is a pleasure to drive the car in no/ less traffic with the windows down.

Krish didn’t come and so I braced myself for a gruelling run with Prabhakar. I had my watch on today and so was able to time ourselves better.

Started at 6:42 and Prabhakar kept a nice, brisk pace: not too fast and certainly not too slow. I felt I could manage that albiet not without difficulty – perhaps, that’s the way it should be. We reached our corner (turnaround) point in 4 minutes and started off into the campus.

Noticed the lovely deers loitering around, and I thought to myself that if I can notice them, then I must be feeling good; Normally, the niceties are all lost among the pounding heart, gasps for breath and the  clumsy motion of falling forward – which I generally term as running.  Not this time. This was all rhythm and he was setting a consistent pace.

We reached the main university building by 7:02, and instead of turning right to head towards the ground, he went straight on, back to the turnaround point. I had thought he will re-trace the same way back to the parking lot, but nope – we turned around and then continued our run taking crossed paths through the campus which, at least to me, didn’t have any set pattern or direction: In other words – I didn’t have a clue on when we would stop.

By this time, I was at the end of my tether; The pace had stepped up gradually and I knew that if the pace goes up even a notch higher, my famous downswing would start. But the pace stayed where it was and after a couple of lefts and rights we found ourselves on the home run. I even managed to squeeze a little extra on the last couple of 100 mts and finished at 7:22:  A nice round 40 minute run at a decent pace. I reckon that we would have done about 7 kms. Certainly not great, but not too bad.

I then went back to the boatclub and joined a bunch (a huge bunch actually) of kids who were streching out. It seemed more like strenous yoga: those guys have ball-bearings in thier joints and rubber in thier limbs and so I skipped most of the ones which showed no appreciation of  how body parts are structured. Our body is structured to have hands, legs, shoulders, hips etc fitted together in a certain way and it seemed very disrespectful to try and interweave all of those.

Had my bath, ate a nice super pongal-vada for breakfast and headed to the Ascendas office at 9:00.

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