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April 18, 2009 – Saturday: Krishna Mohan joins for an enjoyable run

Finally, the most enjoyable run since my return from Finland. Krishna Mohan (Krish) joined us today. He, I think, is 50+, but doesnt think or act beyond 30 and one of the most delightful guys you can meet.

We met at AU at 6:30 Prabhakar came in by 6:40 and we were off. Krish set a nice, ambling pace. That was simply delightful to sort of run-jog at a comfortable 8 kmph where you can actually take in the beauty of the campus, watch the birds (of the flying variety) , the trees and stuff like that. At the same time, it was NOT a stroll, it is still a decent run and within a short time we had sweat soaked tshirts thanks to the blistering sun (sorry, I know its the 3rd post in a row that I have complained about it – but it is hot).

It was also interesting, :-),  that while it was great for me, it was torturous for Prabhakar, who probably felt like a bronco on saddles. He did try a couple of times to up the pace, but Krish and I were simply not complying.

The 1st round went nice and fine and we started on the 2nd. We were probably 1 km into the 2nd round when Krish bailed and said he was walking back. That let the Bronco loose who immediately up’ed the pace, but I was a little prepared this time and so the last couple of kms were done at 10.5 odd pace. Of course, towards the end, as usual, Prabhakar peeled away and did a scorching last 500 mts. Phew! Outstanding. We were done by 7:15 or so.

So, there we are: 2 laps of AU, which took us around 35-40 mins and I estimate that the run was about 6 kms or so – but more importantly, it felt good.

So good that I went to the club and did 1 small course on the sunny scull. I didn’t enoy that, that much because the boat was pulling towards one side all the time, but then an outing is an outing.  Next is Monday.

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