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April 17, 2009, Friday – Living upto our name (at least partly)

..and that was the smoking part. 🙂 Too much of wine (1.5 bottles) and too many smokes in the party last night.

Don’t ask me how I managed to drag myself out of the bed this morning, but I did. But not before I had a massive argument with myself from 5:3o to 5:45. Real big argument, but the good guy won (later I found out that the good guy was actually the bad guy).

Bloodshot eyes, groggy head, semi-drunk, legs feeling like lead, stiff all over – I got up to go. Thought that some cold water on my face might wake me up, but would you believe it? – at 6 in the morning, the water in the tap is warm and that certainly didn’t ease my condition.

I was just starting the car when Prabhakar called (and he sounded fine) and asked if the run was on. In hindsight, I should have just said ‘no’ and gone back to bed. But, I am daft. I said I was in the car and then he said ‘oh, ok. I’ll see you at AU’ and click. I would have kicked myself if not for the fact that I could hardly lift my leg. Don’t ask how I was supposed to run.

Got to AU and before I could stretch and inject some energy into my legs, Prabhakar arrived. We walked to the edge of the road – and he shot off! Gosh, you should have seen me struggling.

From the 1st minute, I was gulping in air and motivating myself – “C’mon! This feeling will last only for the 1st couple of mins. I’ll be ok soon. The legs will get warmed up. The stiffness will go. You’ll get comfortable by that turn.” – none of that happened and I struggled all the way through. It was p a t h e t i c !

..and while I was wondering how a 4 km run can be this long, Prabhakar looks back (oh, yeah – I was running behind him all the time) and says “I think I had a couple of beers too many. Chenthil is a bad influence” – and then proceeds to step it up a couple of notches higher. I was about to stop right there when he said “Don’t worry – just till there”. Phew!

We reduced our pace and moved over to the left so that the old walkers can overtake us on our right. :-). Ok, that was a joke – no sensible walker would endure that 7:00 AM scorching sun.

By the way, at this point, we had crossed 2.5 kms or so – I was that bad this morning. Gosh! Now I understand what they mean by Smoke kills.

Anyway, we did another couple of very small fast-runs – deadlight combos and somehow made it back to the car. Incidentally, the original idea was that the campus run would be a warm-up for the ground run. Obviously, the ground run was nonexistent in my mind at that point of time.

Is  ‘4 km endurance run’ – an oxymoron? This was easily my worst run for a long, long time. Thankfully, I have the smokes and drinks to blame. Given that, it was actually a decent run: I like to be consoled.

p.s.: Adding this on Saturday (18th): We actually saw a beautiful herd of deer along the way, and then another bunch of monkeys – also very cute. I had forgotten to note that here, but remembered it this morning and so thought I will quickly update this post with that.

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  1. Divya
    April 17, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Man! How the hell did you actually get up and go? I would have definitely not budged from the bed! Btw, is it possible to run in the Loyola College grounds? I vaguely remember having gone there once and it would be much closer right?

    • karthikpadmanabhan
      April 18, 2009 at 9:14 am

      I actually haven’t tried Loyola at all. Prabhakar lives in Mandaveli (St Mary’s road) and so its easier for us to meet at AU. By myself – I dont do anything. 🙂

      When you come here, lets go to Loyola and see.

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