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April 14, 2009: Lighthouse and the train back

Got up and went to the club at 6:00. Prabhakar had sms’ed and said that he would be a little late, but I had left my phone at home and anyway, it didn’t make any difference. I just stretched a bit and he was there.

As usual, at the start of the run, I was all enthu and wanted a long one. He had done a 5k quadruple rowing stint the previous evening and hadn’t slept well and I figured that might give me a chance to keep up with him. 🙂

And so we went: Out of the club, onto Chamiers road and we saw what is probably one of the most expensive bus-parking lots this side of the world! Jeppiar, for all his money, has a HUGE parking lot for his (many) college buses right on Chamiers road, Boat Club area. Hmm..! whatthefu*k! Filthy man. Filthy rich at least. He also had a kutty (tempting to write ‘chinna’) house there.

We trundled along St Mary’s road and I suggested that we run till the War Memorial. :-). Now, you can’t blame me for not being ambitious. Prabhakar merely smiled. He is probably a better gauge of distances and my rather limited ability.

Crossed over to Foreshore estate beach and while we took in the beauty of the 7:00 AM scorching mid-april sun which was already a fair distance over the horizon, I contemplated the real meaning of his tepid smile. He was having difficulty with checking his stride to ensure that I caught up while I was doing my usual noisy air-gulps. The air didn’t go in alone – it was accompanied with a substantial amount of dust and the fantastic fragrance of freshly caught fish. Yuck!

The lighthouse finally arrived and when partner suggested that we take the train back, I had just about enough energy to nod back. I couldn’t have agreed more. So, he stepped it up and sprinted to the lighthouse flying rail station (parakkum rail – remember?) while I did the opposite, stepped it down and recovered to join him there.

It was a jam-packed station filled with about 4 people, which included the 2 of us and the ticketing guy – who was sufficiently hidden away that we had to walk up-and-down the station a couple of times to locate him. Oh well, maybe because it was a holiday.

We walked the platform while we waited for the train and imagined ourselves taking trains to work and wondering what the million nanos would do when they hit our wide spacious roads later this year.

Got off at the Greenways road station and walked back to the club, once again wistfully looking at Jeppiars parked buses and the kutty-vidu and I once again swore that I will invest in that lottery ticket shortly.

Would you believe it – I actually went for a small outing on the river when we got back to the club – just to convince myself that rowing is like cycling and once you learn it, you can’t forget it. But, I did make sure that there was a pleasure boat patrolling the waters, just in case they had to fish me out. 🙂

It was a good morning. Quite hilarious and fit for the 1st post on this blog.

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